Call for Valued Landscapes

Call for Valued Landscapes

IWith your help, most recently at the May Day fete, the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) team has identifieda set of Local Green Spaces for protection under the Southam Neighbourhood Plan.

There is another, lower level of protection that we can add to our Plan: “Valued Landscapes”.

A Valued Landscape is an area that contributes to a popular (and preferably unique) view. It is normally marked on a map as a viewpoint with a shaded area covering what you can see from the viewpoint. In spite of the name, such a landscape doesn’t have to be a broad vista of rolling countryside but can also be a particular view, say down a narrow lane or particular built scene.

The NP team would like to hear from Southam residents on what Valued Landscapes you would like to protect.

You need to:

Views may be looking into or out of the town but the viewpoints must be on publicly accessible land.

Please enter your nomination by 8th July 2018 by using this web page.

After the deadline our Neighbourhood Plan consultant will assess each nomination to ensure it technically qualifies and put all those that do qualify on a map ready for display and consultation.

Note – Valued Landscapes designated in a Local Development Plan carry more weight in future planning objections than those not so designated, so it is important to identify them now.